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Independent logistic specialists for increasing margins and increasing your customer base

Our specialty is increasing your profitability and customer base by optimizing your transportation costs for sending parcels and palletised freight all over world. 
More than 95% of all the client cases we encounter, show significant potential for increasing profitability. The optimization contributes directly to the competitiveness of our customers

margin on

all modes

In addition to optimization of transportation costs for parcel shipping, we also increase profitability by optimizing palletised freight by road, by air and sea. Another specialty is rail transport between Asia and Europe. Due to increasing rates for air freight and much shorter transit times for rail compared to sea freight, rail solutions are a very good alternative.

Alle modaliteiten

Margin improvements at international top 100 companies average between 3 and 10% annually . Margin improvements at other companies average between 10 and even up to 20% each year.


Due to the shortage in the transportation market, we notice more and more companies (small ones with a distinguished need, but also the huge companies such as Amazon) consider handling  transportation, partially, by themselves. Through our experience, knowledge and our models, we can set up and supervise insourcing or outsourcing projects quickly, completly and with high quality. In almost 100% of the cases, our review will show the feasibility of savings in the short and long term. In addition to that, we also provide warehousing and end to end e-commerce routes from Asia in association with our partners. 

Due to the growth of the world economy, there is a huge shortage in transport capacity, mainly because of shortage in labor capacity. This will lead to lower margins in the entire supply chain over the next few years.  

Knowledge and experience consists of a team of specialists and partners who, together, have over 70 years of experience on a senior level in the transportation sector and on the side of the consignor. Our activities are not limited to Europe. With colleagues in ASPAC and in the Americas, who have  experience and knowledge of the local markets, we are able to refine your competitive edge in regard to transportation costs and lead times.  

Kennis en ervaring
Crude oil prices will go up in 2018 and beyond due to OPEC regulations in regard to production scales and an increasing demand. This translates into even higher diesel prices (+20%) which affects your shipping costs and profitability

Core values

We are convinced that full transparency, commitment, integrity, passion and clear communication between all parties leads to great results and a structural, successful cooperation.


We are a very result driven team of specialists and with our extended experience and market knowledge we will make your supply chain stand out in terms of price competitiveness and quality. We will tell you what we do, why we do it, how we do it and then make it happen. 



The largest supplier in the Netherlands of tailor-made cut and curved sheet metal 

“Jouwlogistiek has provided us with a distinctive ability compared to our competitors. The set-up, implementation and counselling of the insourcing process have led to great results. Every single cost model still holds true to 3 digits after the decimal point every single day.”



(Insourcing process with +20 FTEs) 

Large Dutch national grid operator 

“The advisory report from Jouwlogistiek made us realize that a complete redesign of our logistics department was needed to achieve firm results. The report has proven to be essential to demonstrate this need and guides us as a road map to take the next steps with confidence.”





(Savings from advice annually € 2.3 million at € 10 million costs)

Internationally listed conglomerate 

“If the huge gap in our contract was not discovered and addressed, we would certainly have lost our international position. The avoided extra costs and alongside with it the additional savings, are unusually high and gave us the desired margin to further improve our competitiveness.”




(Savings USD 12 million per year for a period of 3 years)

Veterinary pharmaceutical wholesaler specialized in sport horses

"To experience that quality can go up considerably while rates decrease is great. It helps us to further develop our customer intimacy strategy without losing sight of costs”








(Savings of 15% per year in terms of quality and customer satisfaction)



Jouwlogistiek (Your logistics) has originated from the vision that every single company is unique and has its own unique dynamics with regard to the delivery of products to their final customers. Not only dimensions, destinations, weight or service level of shipments matter, but also the companies own knowledge about transportation and logistics. The ability to optimize shipping from within, as well as the effectiveness of the company in regard to data and shipping insights, needs to be taken into account as well. Also, the ability to translate the wishes of its customers into shipping services and even the alignment within the companies own business strategy are important factors and make companies unique.

Our experienced national and international specialists will guide you in the complex world of global transportation, including technical terminology, surcharge structures and hundreds of other cost-increasing factors. We provide a clear, transparent, honest and future-oriented view of your savings and quality improvements in a solid and result-oriented way. Our independent position in the market, together with over 70 years of practical experience, ensures that we build successes and make the costs of transportation in YOUR supply chain stand out in terms of price competitiveness and quality.

Combined we already saved our customers over 20 million euro in transportation costs 

We negotiated and improved carrier contracts for hundreds of customers


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